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07 Jan

The materials document mines and mineral resources in Nevada; the Comstock Lode and other mines, and the mining industry and finance.

The Consolidated Virginia Mining Company on the Comstock Lode at Virginia City, Nevada, was organized in 1867, but the sinking of a shaft was delayed for two years.

They bought the land owned by the Consolidated Virginia Mining Co.

Conservative, Energetic, Easygoing, Flexible, Open-Minded, Friendly, Kind, Sensitive, Loving, Outgoing, Practical, Romantic, Serious, Responsible, Talkative, Self Confident, Classy, The man should look good whether dressed up or casual, he needs to be in good physical shape which shows me he has taken care of himself over the years, I have always taken good care of myself and think it shows. I want a man to be honest, respectful, reliable, must be on time when meeting if you change your mind about meeting call and cancel, being British it is very important for one to follow through when they say they will call or make a date, no lip service please.

For thousands of years, indigenous people created and evaluated art according to our own standards.

In the last few centuries, non-Native people have collected, critiqued, categorized, and theorized about Native art to such an extant, that in some venues they temporarily drowned out Native perspectives.

Eme e ni means “she sews on quills” (Grinnell 160).

The women who belonged to the society were known not only for their artistic skill but also for their moral standing (Western History Association 6).