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01 Nov

These cases are very disturbing, in part because in a battle of wits the average teenager is at a significant disadvantage when dealing online with an average adult.Perhaps the most well-known and disturbing story involves a young girl from Missouri named Megan Meier from Missouri who committed suicide after being cyberbullied by an adult woman posing as teenage boy. A limited number of special glasses will be available at this event, with children receiving priority. digital magazine service featuring some of our most popular titles as well as titles new to our collection like HGTV magazine, Newsweek, and Quilting Arts.In another story from Missouri, Elizabeth Thrasher has the dubious honor of being the first person charged with the felony of cyberbullying under a new Missouri state law.Thrasher is accused of posting a photo of a teenage girl, along with personal information about her, in the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist.It will be updated with what we know so check there at least weekly Do you receive your notices from us by mail?

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The library is offering new programs for patrons aged 19 and older on the second and fourth Monday night of every month. For more information click here, or contact Courtney Waters at 634-2464 ext. We are happy to teach you some of the basics of knitting, but this is not a class.

248 or at The library offers two Adult Book Discussion groups. Come eat your lunch and discuss the book of the month in the Annex Meeting room (across the street from the main building). MRRL offers a group on the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8 in the Library Annex.

Join us on the library lawn for the total solar eclipse. Be sure to read NASA's advice on eye safety during the eclipse - https://gov/content/eye-safety-during-a-total-solar-eclipse If you are looking for places to purchase your own eclipse glasses, check out the American Astronomical Society's list of reputable vendors, as recommended by NASA!

Activities available include exploring the science behind solar eclipses and walking the path of totality. - https://org/resources/solar-filters You can register for a library card online!