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11 Dec

Diddy’s been relevant as long as Kate’s been an Upton. I think that’s just fantas— How are they supposed to date and then fall in love with each other and then make out in clubs if they’ve never met? I genuinely can’t think of two humans more compatible. Seventeen straight hours of this: After staring for a few hours, I can’t even tell which one is Kate and which one is Diddy. Also, if you’ve been tracking Diddy’s career for the past two decades, you know there’s one thing that has never faltered: his ability to stay relevant.Diddy, who has been linked to Cameron Diaz and most recently singer Cassie, was spotted with the latter house-hunting in Beverly Hills in January. The relationship has appeared to have since cooled off. She didn't seem to mind, though, as she gave him a big kiss on the cheek during the game.One month later, they celebrated Upton's 22nd birthday at Chicago Cut Steakhouse.A little over a month after breaking up with Justin Verlander, Kate Upton shocked onlookers at club LIV in Miami Beach as she was reportedly spotted kissing with P. "They were kissing, they weren't hiding it," an eyewitness told New York Daily News. Meet me at Club Liv 2nite #CIROCBOYZ in the building!!! According to the publication, Upton arrived shortly after Diddy and joined him in the VIP section.

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Hopefully she picked out a nice house for Kate Upton to make out in.

"So I'm excited to finally be able to share it with the world!

"The couple dated for three years before Verlander put a ring on it, so let's look back at their adorable romance.

“They were having dinner together,” a source tells us.

Upton, silent on Twitter that day, the next morning tweeted: “Cuddling with my favorite tiger ” an obvious diss to Verlander, because she linked to a picture of her holding an actual tiger cub in a Bazaar magazine shoot.