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05 Nov

However we recommend you remove it once all your outbound email is routed through us. This enables Mimecast to recognize certain auto response messages where the sender address is not a normal internal domain. See the Validating an Tenant Domain page for further details.

To verify that Office 365 is routing email outbound via MImecast successfully: You should see messages from your organization's internal users to external recipients listed here.

Note: If you purchased your domain when you signed up for G Suite, you don’t need to verify.If you do not see messages listed here shortly after they have been sent, this typically indicates a configuration problem on your Office 365 send connector.How to use the command prompt to display your desktop order by size? Is there any cost to windows 10 and if so how much?Your organization should already have a SPF record for the domain(s) registered with Office 365.When implementing Mimecast with Office 365, this record must be updated in the DNS zone for the relevant domain to include the following: If your outbound email is coexisting with us for a period, you can leave the v=spf1–all SPF record.