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In corpus-based inventories, the frequency of use of Arabic vocabulary per text will obviously vary with stylistic register, individual style, and topic of discourse, and can be seen to have risen and peaked over the course of time. Since Arabic lexical morphology is highly systematic, certain prefixed and suffixed formatives of Arabic are salient in the Persian dictionary, as are certain assonant word patterns. They were incorporated directly from Arabic by bilingual scholars who had no need to vernacularize them; doubtless the sanctity of Arabic script as the vehicle of the Koran also militated against any alteration.

Thus, a sample from the versified national epic, the , yields ca. A number of Arabic characters represent consonants alien to Persian, which are therefore assimilated to the closest Persian phonemes: thus ) is retained after a consonant, but in speech is generally realized before a consonant as a prolongation of the vowel, and between vowels as a glide or a bilabial fricative, though in careful enunciation it may be sounded as in Arabic (/sowāl/ or /so’āl/ for (probably approximated in MPers.; see Pisowicz, pp.

The other Arabic consonants have Persian counterparts or close approximations.

The three “short” vowels of Persian were equated with those of Arabic, and not represented in the orthography; the three “long” vowels were equated with those of Arabic, and represented by ), and some time later were provided with the familiar diacritics. Thus ‘journey’ (/a/ is raised in an open penultimate syllable), which applies to the whole form class of about 140 such loans in Afghan and Tajik, as well as Standard, Persian, perhaps rests on morphological analogy more than phonetic law, i.e., by contamination with the corresponding (active) participial loanword, such as ‘suitable’, etc.

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The service is aimed at the 100 million Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.Zadsorour, Amir Hossein Arman, Roohollah Mofidi The play is loosely inspired by Seung-Hui Cho who shot and killed 32 people on Virginia Tech's campus in 2007.The shooting rampage came to be known as the Virginia Tech shooting.Apart from the writing system, this influence is evident chiefly in the large Arabic vocabulary that has been incorporated into the Persian lexicon.The following will survey the topic under the rubrics of Lexical statistics; Phonology and orthography; Loanword classes; Grammatical elements; Semantics; History and evolution. A dictionary-based sample yields an inventory of approximately 8,000 Arabic loanwords in current use (Rāzi) or about forty percent of an everyday literary vocabulary of 20,000 words (not counting compounds and derivatives). With a few exceptions as noted below, Arabic loanwords in Persian are written exactly as in Arabic.