Problems with dating a muslim man

04 Sep

Are you going to do what your Mom says the rest of your life, or are you going to go with the man of dreams? KATRINA: When I came out of the wedding ceremony, I saw that not only had my name been changed, but my religion had been changed also. SCOTT ROSS (reporting): It didnt take long for Katrina to realize this was not what she bargained for.

KATRINA: I had compromised the deity of Jesus Christ.

They never even have met me, but his mother allready said to him several times that if he doesn’t leave me, he will never set a foot in their house again, she has treatend that they will cut him off.

I don’t know what his father thinks, he talkes to his mother most of the time.

I was five months pregnant with our son, and he kicked me in the stomach because he stayed out late one nightovernightand I questioned him for it. KATRINA: Yes, it was my fault that I made him beat me because I shouldnt have asked him. She had a good upbringing and became a Christian in her teens. Then one night at a club, Katrina met the man of her dreams.

SCOTT ROSS (reporting): An important detail in this story: the man was also a Muslim.

We are boy- and girlfriend and that isn’t acceptable in Islam, but we would like to mary.

(Our kids will be raised as Muslims and I’m planning to learn more about the Islam so that there’s no confusion) My boyfriend doesn’t want to hurt anyone, especially not his parents, he has great respect for them.

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' I thought the Middle East was somewhere in the middle of the country. SCOTT ROSS: So you didnt understand what you were doing? It was intriguing, the mystique of the whole thing. Her husband, Mohammed, strictly held to Muslim customs and demanded her obedience.

Maybe it's a You Tube video, or an article I find online.

Reluctantly, American girl agrees but is filled with regret when she realizes that Muslim boy's mommy is an overbearing control freak who can never be satisfied. Sad thing is, these are all true stories I've heard in one way or another.

I allready posted my question yesterday, but in the section "submit feedback" because I didn't understand why this link wasn't working.

Her followes my problem/question: My boyfriend is a Muslim and has problems with his parents accepting me.