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21 Oct

By refusing to accept glib responses such as "There was just no chemistry," she extracted unabashedly honest and raw answers.

It turns out that men leave women hanging for clear, consistent reasons.

Greenwald wrote another best-selling book in 2009, .

Over the past decade, Greenwald has also built a business as a matchmaker and dating coach to both sexes and has seen a resulting 750 marriages.

Because information is power, this book will make your first hello a lasting one.

Why didn’t that intriguing man you flirted with online or at the party ask you out? One minute there was a potential romance happening, and the next? If you knew why men reacted in these ways, you could do something about it next time when the right guy comes along.Description: You get that he’s just not that into you, but why?What really happened when that cute guy never called you back after your date?So she combined that passion with her business acumen and wrote the 2003 best-seller .Now translated into 20 languages, the book advocates her straightforward, 15-step program to find a mate, using familiar marketing tactics such as packaging, branding, and, yes, even telemarketing.