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Former Lebanese minister Mohamad Chatah, who opposed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was killed Friday in a massive Beirut bomb blast that one of his political allies blamed on Lebanon's Shi'ite Hezbollah militia.

One of the stars of the critically acclaimed "12 Years a Slave" has dropped out of a film premiere in Italy after an ill-conceived marketing strategy came across as a throwback to a less enlightened era. Kevin Gale Stauffer, at left, died Monday after being shot at close range as he approached a sedan stuck in traffic that was used as a getaway car following a bank robbery, cops said.

Kansas City and San Francisco will have plenty of clout in Honolulu if they don’t make it to New Jersey for the Super Bowl.

The NFL revealed Friday that the Chiefs and 49ers each had eight players voted into the Pro Bowl, including running backs Jamaal Charles of Kansas City and Frank Gore of San Francisco.

Wade Phillips would like to put an asterisk on Peyton Manning’s touchdown record.