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15 Oct

On average, in sessions showing a single person 89% of these were male and 11% were female.8% of spins showed multiple people behind the camera.Why would anyone film this and put it on the Internet? FB IG YT For licensing inquiries: Want to work with us? This is a private moment that should be conducted in the strictest confidence, not fucking announced for the world to see. Personally I don’t think that’s something that pre-teens need to be shown or taught. I don't do private shows because I like having a large amount of viewers.I will only cum if there is at least one woman in the room.

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CAM can use command line options so that CAM can be started from .bat, and vbscript files to add variability to your CAM sessions. There are no bugs, hang ups, no problems using the software. I had to let like minded fans of this site know about this enjoyable software. Thankyou for your hard work I wonder is there a way to change the level? ) I like how it gives you a report in notebook format so you can eaily view/print for your mistress. I'm playing with it right now and have to say this is a brilliantly simple yet elegant system.

Most people would never admit that they masturbate, well I enjoy being watched while I do it.

I'm not here to make money though I appreciate the expression.

Hello there, i was looking for software that generates random stroke patterns and keeps track of stroke count.

As i didn't find anything i decided to write one myself.