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08 Nov

has cancelled today's show (June 14) in the wake of a massive fire at west London's Grenfell Tower.

Fire-fighters are still trying to put out flames at the 24-storey tower in north Kensington, which is home to around 140 flats.

Unaware of the seismic effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.

In the film, Rosie Dunne and her best friend Alex take a leap of faith, both on life and on each other, when they decide to go to America together to attend University.

As a child, Barry (Logan Williams) is traumatized when his mother, Nora, is murdered by the Reverse-Flash; his father, Henry, is framed for the crime. In season one, Barry awakens from a nine-month coma and finds himself with superhuman speed. Wells advises Barry about how to adapt and increase his powers, Barry becomes suspicious and learns that he is Eobard Thawne (Reverse-Flash) in disguise.

Joe West becomes Barry's legal guardian and Barry spends his life trying to discover what happened that night. He uses his new powers to fight crime and hunt other metahumans in Central City as the masked superhero known as the Flash while he tries to identify his mother's murderer. He becomes good friends with Cisco, Caitlin and his idol, Dr. After Eobard is unmasked, he tells Barry about his plan to use the Flash's speed and the particle accelerator to generate a portal to his own time (allowing Barry to return to the night of his mother's murder and prevent it).

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, 20 years after the original film hit cinemas, in a bid to help raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancer.

Thank God, everything is fine."Opening up about tonight's show, Ashley confessed he was hoping that he wouldn't have to strip off like the other stars involved as he signed up to simply choreograph the dances.

But he couldn't have been more wrong."If I thought there was any chance of me getting through this entire show without getting involved, I had another thing coming," he joked.

The official Twitter account for ITV's The show also retweeted an ITV News post, which read: "Fire service have 'absolutely no idea' how many people are unaccounted for in #Grenfell Tower blaze in west London."London Ambulance has confirmed that six people are confirmed dead and more than 50 people are being treated in hospital, with the number of fatalities expected to rise.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has said that the cause of the fire is as of yet unknown but will be fully investigated.