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24 Oct

When both reports are linked, it allows to click on a number in this report and be sent to the Software Updates Deployment Report.

The report will show only the requested information.

This update is quite large (1.72 GB) so it will take some time. In this example I have one system that is already running 1511 and one that is still running 1507.

Client FROM sms_r_system inner join SMS_Update Compliance Status ON SMS_Update Compliance Status.machineid=sms_r_system.resourceid WHERE SMS_Update Compliance Status.

Managing and monitoring software updates in SCCM can be complex.

Our SCCM software update report removes this complexity.

I had setup a collection for the desktop/laptop builds, I had setup my boot images and distribution points, the PXE Service Point role was installed, and I had made my basic task sequence and advertised it to the collection.

I had to generate a user certificate for the SCCM Network Access Account and add this to the PXE Service Point.

In this blog I will walk through the steps of upgrading your Configuration Manager environment to the latest update Configuration Manager 1606. After Several minutes you will see that the status is now changed to Installed.

I rebooted my client laptop off the network and Win PE started to load.

It got into the PE environment and shortly after initiating the network settings, the client just rebooted with nothing to do.