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31 Aug

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In fact, based on factors like contented relationships, working environments, well-being and pride in the community, seven out of the top ten places were located in the north of England.

It has recently been reported that professional singles in London are more likely to go out for just drinks, in comparison to those in places like parts of Yorkshire who often throw in dinner and a movie too.

These two characteristics couldn’t be combined in one person.

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If you have difficulty filling out the form you can contact The Hope Line at [email protected]The Hope Line has developed a partnership with Truth Media Internet who provides Email Mentors to help you by having an ongoing conversation with you through email.

These Email Mentors will be of the same gender as you are and will be able to offer you encouragement, advice, and a safe place to talk as they walk with you through the problem you are facing.

Her husband isn’t just some ordinary Muslim, with his long beard and gazes lower; he’d been one of the most active members of the community, always at the mosque, always organizing lectures, raising his kids with high religious goals.

I remember staying awake all night, tossing and turning trying to resolve the controversy in my mind of what was displayed of that brother and what I’d just discovered.