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07 Sep

Keefer had consistent contact with a girl during the time period, because of his relationship with the family.During that time, he touched her inappropriately, showed her pornographic materials, and exposed himself to her, court documents state.The initial report police received referred to two women using "Back Page," a website that police have found used in prostitution cases before.

On March 27, police were conducting surveillance from 7 p.m. During that time, several men went in and out of the room.

During Thursday's hearing, Keefer and Weisbrod spoke for an extended period of time outside of the courtroom.

Upon returning, Weisbrod explained that though his client had wanted to go to trial on the charges, he was now asking to hear about plea agreement options.

Keefer was later charged with attempting to intimidate the young girl into recanting. 30, Keefer petitioned to dismiss counsel, according to online dockets.

On Monday, the court granted Keefer's attorney Eric Weisbrod Thursday's hearing instead of beginning trial, to determine if Keefer needed a competency evaluation.