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Martin & Co begins using one set of serial numbers for guitars and mandolins. only through your purchases can educational pages like this one remain possible.

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After the year prefix, these models us a code digit of "9", indicating a set-neck model bass.

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However, most Sigma models were offered only for a limited number of years, so that most models' construction dates can be narrowed down to a reasonable range.I have a beautiful Sigma DR-35, with two internal numbers, one on the block at the base of the neck #905055, the other is on the inside, branded on one of the two back strips, #S23677. Thanks Hi, you have a 12 string Dreadnought with mahogany back and sides. Some say that the first two or the last digits of the serial number denote the year of manufacture, but this is not reliable as Martin used different factories to produce their Sigmas. The best you can due is a bill of sale IF it's from the original dealer and it's a guess how long they had it for sale. Does anyone have any idea as to their significance. It was my grandpas guitar, I got it from him shortly before he passed away. Hi, i'm Fabrizio from Italy and i read that you have the same model i have,(made in Korea #93024644) did u get any information 'bout it? There should be a serial number on the brace in the body of the guitar, viewed through the sound hole. What did it sell for back then; How much is it worth now? I have a dr41, great guitar but it's still not a martin. The Serial number for Martin guitars should be printed on the neck block inside of the guitar. Below is a list giving the last number Martin used for each year.1981-82 Martin Sigma used serial numbers 900001 to 902908.