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14 Oct

Safdie had hoped his diagram would become an opus to affordable housing and prefabrication, but its desirability transformed it into a very successful coop.Image via Byblos Petit Cafe 9am: Byblos Petit Cafe How can I not order the Oriental Omelette at Byblos Petit Cafe, an Iranian restaurant in the bohemian neighborhood of Plateau Mont-Royal? This popular breakfast spot delivers; perfectly scrambled eggs, sprinkled with cardamon, rose petals and crushed nuts, are paired with sweet bread embedded with traces of black sesame paste, all washed down with a bitter strong tea.Image via Proliferations The relentless material singularity of 354 prefabricated concrete boxes cantilevering in multiple directions makes me dizzy with pleasure.

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We will have examples of portfolios that will give you good ideas on how to structure your own.

FIMRC’s spin on this is even more fun: Everyone will have a number and have the opportunity to hear everyone’s answer to one of the 36 questions.

At the end of the session, you’ll be able to write down someone else’s number.

Representing graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at Mc Gill University.

We are here to support you throughout your time at Mc Gill!