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22 Aug

Mc Carthy has radiated by turns subtle sweetness and foul-mouthed charisma. She has done it all charmingly, and seemingly effortlessly, and quite often hilariously.

Like I said: national treasure., has revealed another Mc Carthy talent: the ability to rock a spiky mullet, as well as a series of outfits in the style of “Bedazzled Chico’s,” in a way that manages to be as dignified as it is absurd.

RESTAURANT REVIEWS » posted by MELISSA BUOTE, Sep 6/12 Cafe Brea is a sunny bit of brightness in Southdale, a small business serving homemade and local fare---with vegan and gluten-free options---that steers clear of the deep-fryer.

She is survived by her best friend and mother, Rose Verge and sister Tammy Verge.

The show premiered in September under a lot of pressure to deliver on a beloved comic book entity.

Despite Melissa Benoist's faithful delivery of Kara Zor-El's unwavering optimism, the first half of the season struggled with a Superman dependency issue and an identity crisis that made it sometimes hard for Supergirl to get off the ground, let alone reach her full flying capacity.

Her dating assistants put 106 hours into online conversations.

It wasn’t until those months passed that Lyadova and Melissa Hughes, who knew each other through work, decided to write a book about the experiment.