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18 Dec

Help please :) Roni Notice: The information contained in this email message and any attached files may be confidential information, and may also be the subject of legal professional privilege.If you are not the intended recipient any use, disclosure or copying of this email is unauthorised.This is where the real benefits of standardizing on a single ALM solution can really reap rewards and Microsoft in their wisdom give us these reporting features in all versions of TFS including the 5-user limited TFS Workgroup edition that is included with most peoples MSDN subscription.The only problem with the reporting side is that many people think that this means they have to go learn SQL Server Reporting Services to write reports.We had a power failure in the data center this past week, and it looks like on reboot, the service failed to start.Our new data center isn’t running at production levels yet, so a power failure due to human error is not surprising.If you received this email in error, please notify the DEEWR Service Desk and delete all copies of this transmission together with any attachments.

When you run the Test Plan Dimension than it complains about: Errors in the high-level relational engine.The manual warehouse update worked once, then wouldn’t work again (Status always returned idle) until I restarted the IIS server.The results of the query did not seem to update, even though the Status values returned from the web service indicated that the warehouse update had ran.To change the interval follow the following steps 1. Open Internet Explorer and type Foundation/Administration/v3.0/Warehouse Control in the adress bar. You will see a new page where you can enter the setting and its new value.Enter in the Setting Id: Run Interval Seconds and in the new Value the number of seconds (3600 is one hour) 5. Open the list of web services again with Foundation/Administration/v3.0/Warehouse Control 2. This can take some time when you have a large database.