The rules for dating my daughter

30 Dec

I was only in my mid-thirties and suddenly a single father to an adolescent girl, going through all the trials and tribulations of puberty.I had to learn a lot along the way, to lose some of my natural inhibitions towards discussing openly with my daughter the changes she was experiencing both physically and emotionally; to talk about breasts and periods and sex and sexuality, despite how uncomfortable it made me at first to even consider those things in relation to my own child.Her death was so sudden, and both Sam and I were devastated.But we drew strength from one another and between us we made it through.I cried for the coming summer, when I’d eat ice cream alone and wish he was there walking and joking with me. My wife and I married young, and Samantha (Sam) was our only child.

They don’t think about it; they just follow their instincts.Because there’s been some question about this below, I want to clarify it here: I do not think bigotry is gracious. When I thought about the part of a typical wedding reception where the groom dances with his mother and the bride dances with her father, I seriously considered not having a reception at all.I came to understand and know her more intimately than any father in a two-parent family, and ultimately I know she appreciated this and became comfortable with the idea that I was "mum" as well as dad; that she could be open with me about her emotions, her fears, her joys, and her curiosities. Parenting Sam took up so much of my time that dating was never a priority.I had as much of a social life as I was able to, and did meet women.