Tory belleci dating

09 Jan

Now that the show is over, some people are wondering what happened to the host.

These days, she’s on the Travel Channel, working with Belleci on , a show that examines the scientific side of some of the world’s rollercoasters and other amusements.

A state-run Russian news site is reporting that the country has ambitions to build a huge, supersonic cargo plane capable of transporting tanks to the field in a matter of hours.

Presumably, the costs of design, construction and fuel for such a craft would also be pretty ridiculous at a time when Russia's economy is getting hammered.

And whenever they come across something that is beyond their expertise, they call in favors from colleges and other specialists.

Their reputation has gotten to the point that they can get to just about any place because they provide excellent PR (to the point that sitting US President Barack Obama appeared on a 2010 episode) — a contrast to the first episode when Jamie found trouble trying to obtain a military grade JATO rocket; they ended up commissioning a custom one (or the third episode, where Sears wouldn't let them film in the store when they were trying to track down a specific model of lawn chair).

When a legend fails to pan out, as it often does, they usually escalate matters to the point where the legend's expected results plausible that it happened by accident (or at the very least, so incredibly dangerous that anyone capable of sound judgment wouldn't attempt it in the first place).

Usually these escalations involve entertaining explosions (such as a popular one in a March 2005 episode which a cement truck, or, even better, an April 2009 episode where they annihilated a car with a rocket-sled).