Updating jas 10 4 8

30 Dec

Please keep in mind that these solutions are strictly related to the specific components listed below, thus they may not be applicable for components with different Ven IDs or even Dev IDs.

Regards : as of now, installing ATIinject or Natit doesn't add anything more than CI/QE support.

Since I recently reordered and wrote down all the successful patches I found during the long activity of searching and trying various solutions, I hope to make a useful thing by posting a sort of guide, summarizing all the steps which led my T60 to be a quite usable (and fast) Mac OS X workstation.

These infos (especially for video and pcmcia) are rather scattered through a lot of different threads on this and on the Insanely Mac ( forum, so having all the instructions in a single place may be useful, at least for those of you which have a T60 similar to mine.

The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. IDE Seems to have problems during installation proccess after finishing a install. Realtek ALC850, Northbridge ATI Radeon Xpress 200 and SATA does not work. CPU Celeron D 351 3.2GHz shows as "Unknown CPU 3.2GHz". On-board: Realtek ALC AC97 audio, PATA, Marvell-Yukon Gigabit LAN, all work. Disabled USB Support in BIOS and used PS2 adapter on mouse as a temporary fix.What doesn't work: Card Reader, Resolution 1280x800 (really, really a shame), Intel Wifi, Conexant Modem.Intel Core Duo T2250 (1.73Ghz, 533Mhz FSB, 2Mb L2 cache), 15.4 WXGA Lcd (16ms), Ati Mobility Radeon X1600 512Mb, 120Gb Sata HDD, Pioneer Slot-in DVD-DL drive, 1 Gb DDR2, Intel Pro wireless 3945 abg, Logitech orbicam 1.3 MP Installed Mac Os X 10.4.7 Jas, X1600 QE/CI ok but not change resolution, only 1024x768 (don't use borisbrandenov pach - black screen), Audio Patched (see forum about Realtek ALC audio, need to change Device ID) but no mic, Usb ok, PCMCIA ok, DVD-DL ok, Webcam ok, Trackpad, Audio control button ok, Firewire ok, not working Broadcom 5789 ethernet ('memory map' error with the Niasa-it patched kext), not working intel 3945 abg.Will the update downloaded directly from Apple work? system specifications are: Asus P4VP-MX motherboard with: -Via Rhine LAN -AC97 Audio (Working great) Celeron 1.7 (s478)-bus 400 -SSE2 1Gb RAM Power Color ATI 9600PRO - 256mb you will need to upgrade to 10.4.9 to upgrade to 10.4.10 Whatever you do don't install the any OS upgrade direct from Apple that raises your OS X version number to the next release, that is unless you like reinstalling your system.Google a search on what upgrade you would like to go to and most time you will find a installer or procedure for installing the upgrade.