Updating openoffice eeepc

21 Aug

Altouth it is recommended not to use HAMMER on small drives (below 50GB), you can use HAMMER with eeepc 20GB ssd drive without a problem.

Once Dragon Fly is installed, reboot and login as root.

For multiple users you need to link Base to a different backend like My SQL. " as it has been many years since i last used MS Access which is the most similar thing i have used to Base.

Please try right-click on the bit you want to edit and let us know if that has the desired effect.

This revolutionary little machine is a great choice for kids at school, or travellers looking for a basic unit to update their blog, check e-mails or write their travel diary with.

We wouldn't recommend it as much to the elderly, simply due to the keyboard and screen size, but it is simple to use and does the job well.

Now add your user account to wheel and operator group in /etc/group If your eeepc has 2 ssd drives (4 and 16GB) you need to add the 16GB drive to your Dragon Fly system.

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Solid state memory is advantageous in terms of speed and also for data safety.

Although its title is about as obscure as Nintendo's Wii, there is a clear and definite purpose to the naming of ASUS's new, ultraportable notebook, the Eee PC.

Its title and slogan are one and the same; easy to learn, easy to work and easy to play, or Eee, sums up this little nugget fairly well.

Also is it a relational database, with many tables linked together to produce an output in a query or is it a normal (default) flat single table with the query simply providing a useful lookup based on selected criteria?

I am not sure which of those thing Voobase's answer addresses "They should do by right clicking on them and choosing edit.