Updating path in bash shell

27 Aug

For example, the following command can be used to list the contents of the "Desktop" directory within the current user's home directory. Those variables are not necessarily available in the graphical environment of the desktop.To examine the environment variables that are effective when you for instance start an application from the launcher, you can follow the guidance in this Ask Ubuntu answer.While simply setting an empty value to an environment variable, as shown in the example below, may nullify its effect in most cases, there are a few variables such as "POSIXLY_CORRECT" whose mere existence, even with an empty value, influences the behavior of programs.shell has a trick to allow us to set one or more environment variables and run a child process with single command.That way a user could just add all the directories that are possibly needed.Hmm, on second thought, fish also needs the option of adding its own bindir to PATH, without clobbering up user settings, so that brings my thinking to a solution containing a user-settable path and a fish-settable path, i.o.w. Another design choice could be to rename $fish_user_paths to the universal $PATH, and shadow it by a global $PATH, that would save a variable but it's probably more confusing for users, so not really worth it.

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If fish is run from /usr/local/bin and also from ~/github/fish/, we want to allow these instances to have distinct PATHs because they have distinct Another option that came to mind (though I'm not necessarily advocating for it, just listing it as another option): Drop the restriction that $PATH can only contain valid directories, then make it universal.To get all the modifications, I simply source all files in that dir at the end of my .bashrc like this: A variant from above, if you don't want to change the /etc/profile file directly.You can create a new file in the /etc/profile.d/ directory. With vim editor (but feel free to edit it with another editor): vim /etc/profile.d/:write and quit and it's done your path has been modified.It is important to note that there are many occasions your profile is not run (such as when a script is run by cron).If you need a specific path to be set in PATH, a script must set that path.