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17 Dec

Try the Domestic Rate API below or jump into the technical documentation and start developing.

View Technical Document < Pounds>2</Pounds> < Ounces>0</Ounces> < Machinable> True</Machinable> < Mail Type>package</Mail Type> < Value Of Contents>2499</Value Of Contents> < Country> United Arab Emirates</Country> < Container>rectangular</Container> < Size>large</Size> < Width>13</Width> < Length>3</Length> < Height>3</Height> < Girth>0</Girth> < Origin Zip>22201</Origin Zip> < Commercial Flag> Y</Commercial Flag> < Extra Services> < Extra Service>1</Extra Service> </Extra Services> Save time and money by reducing shipping errors due to incorrect address entry.

Which means the customers are not getting any tracked information of the shipment.

Usually, the tracking information of USPS will be found in the website

The organization also renders its services to other countries across the Globe. It is highly designed with perfect tracking system.

It allows the users to send the packages within US and to other countries. If still people are experiencing some USPS tracking problems, this article can certainly help to understand and rectify the problems. Still the users are prone to experience some tracking problems.

This tool corrects errors in street addresses, including abbreviations and missing information. View Technical Document Get estimated delivery information and track any package shipped via Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Priority Mail Express International™ services.

Check the tracking information for packages shipped with USPS Tracking®, Signature Confirmatiom™, Certified Mail®, or Registered Mail™ services.

And also here the complete solutions of USPS tracking problems were mentioned.

USPS Tracking Not Updating: – Many of the customers from the package delivery company like USPS are facing a small problem.

And many of the customers have reported that USPS tracking is not updating 5 days and so.

The Confirmation Number is located at the bottom of a shipping label (circled in the diagram to the right). Please note that confirmation numbers are only retained for six (6) months.

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