Who is john salley dating

14 Oct

Salley also believes that his playing days would have been extended had he began smoking at an earlier date. We need to move it and realize that is something that can help the human body.

Via I am a proponent and I believe in the advocacy of medical marijuana.

Pattiā€™s second client this week is retired NFL player Jeff Ogden.

This is his second time seeing Patti, and this time he wants to go deeper and find a girl who's right for him.

John Salley is in studio next, and talks with Adam about making vegan wine.

They also discuss some of the guests that Salley has had on his podcast, including an interesting interview with Phil Jackson.

As such, I decided to ask the NBA's biggest vegan voice to weigh in on whether this is the wave of the future in basketball and elsewhere.Now that her son is 17, she is ready to get serious and find love.Can Chilli put her work aside long enough to find a real, down-to-earth guy?Patti's first client is Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, one of the members of the former girl group TLC.Chilli spends most of her time raising her son and touring, so her suitors are usually someone from the industry.