Who is nelly the rapper dating steve o and lacey dating

15 Dec

Nelly experienced legal troubles of his own, due to members of his entourage bringing marijuana on his tour bus, which was raided by police. A recent post by Shantel Jackson on Instagram referring to herself and Nelly as "Mr. Adventurous" Jackson, who is beautiful, comes across as desperate when it comes to marriage, which doesn't make sense. However, the ones she wants, first Mayweather and now Nelly, have refused to set a wedding date.

Jackson became so desperate during her relationship with Mayweather that she flew from his home in Las Vegas, Nevada to her native Miami, Florida and using the court system legally changed her name to Shantel Mayweather, when the two had not gotten married at all.

2016 Shantel Jackson and Nelly looking like they are going to the prom (LOL just teasing) Shantel Jackson, the ex-fiance of the world's richest boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has been putting pressure on rapper boyfriend, Nelly, to get married.

The two have been dating for 2-years and marriage has not occurred.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, the "Dilemma" rap star explained that if he considered marrying his girlfriend, he would not put it on his reality show despite the financial gain of it.

The couple have faced some challenges after they confirmed their relationship following Jackson's public break up with Mayweather.

Take at Miss Jackson’s IG posts and tell us if you think they’re just up to their usually cuffing or are they headed for a trip down the aisle.

Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson is letting the world know that she and Nelly are two peas in a pod.

Since then, all parties have moved on and the bromance between Nelly and Mayweather haven't been rekindled. Louis rapper threw jabs towards the boxer's intellect. For the most part I think the whole thing is misunderstood." He said regarding the ongoing news that Nelly stole Floyd's fiancée from him, "I try to understand where he's coming from which is a little hard to do, but I guess it's one of those things where he is who he is." Nelly added, that the arrogant boxer is so use to living lavish and completely surrounds himself next to "Yes Men" that he was actually told no and doesn't like it.“I thought that this show could be different in the sense of showing that a single father and being a black man; [although] I’m not married, I’m always there for my children as much as possible,” the rapper said.previously reported that Nelly's two kids, along with his niece and nephew that is raising after his sister died, will be featured on the show.Even when we were together, it wasn’t normal.” While Ashanti wanted a private relationship, Nelly opted for a public affair.“I’ve always been comfortable with being public with my relationships.