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12 Nov

I fell in love with this project in 1973 when I saw Tim do it at the Roxy in Los Angeles and I’ve been a fan all these years. “I just waited for, basically, the fans to tell us what to do next.We started with this television idea quite a while ago. But when Tim came along and validated [it] by wanting to be in it. What Kenny and I said was, ‘Be true to the original but make it contemporary.’ So there’s loops and samples but it’s still the original music.“As you can imagine, when we announced to fans that we were doing this, there was a tremendous backlash from fans who have been with us for 40 years.His royal guard consisted of just one annoying French guy that was afraid of ducks.While on Mondas, he had a daughter named Sally Curry.Timothy James "Tim" Curry (born Timothy Vindaloo; 19 April 1946) is a British actor, possibly best known for his pure awesomeness and as the blessed savior of the religion Curryanity. In fact he is so comfortable with his sexuality that he will have vigorous sex with a man to prove he is straight.

And that is what we have felt throughout this whole experience working with Tim Curry.”“Just doing it again, but in a different role . “Every single one of these people up here now who do it all are getting the opportunity to invade these wonderful characters and to bring them to life with a new vivacity and new imagination. It kind of just captivated me ever since.”Don’t Expect Susan Sarandon to Make a Cameo A question about whether the production reached out to the Oscar-winning actress, who played Janet in the 1975 comedy, went ignored by producers. The Project Has Been in the Works, Somehow or Another, for 10 Years“I think sometimes projects have a way of finding the timing they are supposed to have,” explained executive producer Gail Berman, “and I think Laverne kind of made this happen in her own time and our own time.”“It’s really an audience film—it’s always had a mind of its own,” added Adler.

And what has the 1975 cast been up to in the last four decades?

Find out in our “Who’s Who in the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Reboot” gallery below.

TV critic Sonia Saraiya calls the Fox version a “wholesome broadcast television movie musical, premiering at the kid-friendly hour of 8 p.m.” that “courts mainstream, millennial viewers through casting former Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice and ‘American Idol’ star Adam Lambert.” She adds, “this version of ‘Rocky Horror’ is flat and Disney-fied.” Adults who tune in for the nostalgia factor will recognize Tim Curry, the original Dr.

Frank-N-Furter, in a new role as the Criminologist.