Women dating smaller men

19 Oct

If the dad bod is hiding under that shirt, so be it.

It makes it easier to not have a perfect female body, too, when your s/o has a dad bod.” -Sara H “I mean, sure it looks good on Chris Pratt and Leonardo Di Caprio, but for now I'll appreciate dad bods from afar.” - Marlene A.

Well, a lot of people have been trying to figure that exact question out for quite some time.

Even women have started trying to adapt Asian fashion and make-up so that they can bank on this quite obvious attraction men have to the Asian persuasion.

Here's the breakdown, and some of our favorite quotes: "I only go after guys with dad bods." - 15 "Sure, why not?

He replied that he and most of the guys he knew didn’t see the awful stuff about their bodies that the girls saw, and they just wanted to be with the girls. Only 14% said they prefer a woman to constantly diet.

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada studied selfies of more than 900 men and women on the dating app Tinder – used by an estimated 50 million people worldwide.

They chose it because of it relies on physical attraction to match potential partners.

One guy (age 21) said he’d never leave a girl just for gaining weight.

First impressions count – and nowhere more than in online dating.