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24 Sep

For the same reasons many people refuse to understand the half lives of radioactive isotopes proves that Earth is billions of years old and that fossils are millions of years old. When someone has made up their mind that all scientists are liars, so they reject all the physical evidence, nothing can change those people's minds,. Which extremist sect or cult indoctrinated you to believe that God was not clever enough to use the big bang, evolution and science as his tools?

ALL of the floods stories in all of the cultures on Earth that have flood stories were regional floods that did NOT all happen at the same time, Yes there is plenty of evidence in the geological and archeological record that there were regional floods, but they occurred at different times. You are out to ridicule God and all Chrsitians are you not?!!!!!!!

They had soft bodies, but the development of shells, teeth and claws has made it possible for us to determine their appearance. Some animals quickly became extinct when conditions changed. Massive extinctions have occurred at various times in the history of the earth.

The age of the earth is counted in billions of years. How do you think scientists determine the age of the earth?

After comparing it with other species, they discovered that it belonged to a small parrot, '' reported.

Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!The future archaeologist might also use Radiometric Dating.Up until the middle of the last century scientists only had the Relative Dating technique to date fossils by so there was no way they could calculate absolute age in years for any fossil or rock layer.When scientists began to learn about nuclear decay of radioactive elements they realized the rate of decay happens at a predictable rate.Three geologists have reported what they called the first "successful" direct dating of dinosaur bone.